Situation Worsens in Tibet

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Situation Worsens in Tibet

Post by phantom59 » Sun Jul 22, 2012 1:01 pm

In Nagba county there has been a gradual and concentrated increase in the number of army establishments around the monasteries and nearby towns. The area is under constant surveillance, night and day. Monks who live in the monasteries, have had their mobile phones confiscated by the Chinese govt. Along with this, the locals in the area have also lost their right to go anywhere and do anything without the consent and interference of the government-appointed army personnel. The Chinese government's resettlement policy has been methodically confining the indigenous nomads to government housing systems where they are paid a paltry initial settlement of 1000 yuan and left to fend for themselves afterwards within the cramped housing settlements.

In Chamdho county the locals as well as monks are being denied access to various counties and provinces and being arrested without reason.Sometimes, when people are just walking on the road, the Chinese police subjects them to interrogations and physical inspections in a humiliating manner.

In Amdho one of the most alarming situations is being faced by schools.Tibetan schools have had their subjects changed to Chinese and thus are systematically losing their language and forms of communication.Tibetan students are finding it increasingly difficult to pass examinations not only because of the language change, but because of the fees as well, which is exorbitant and unaffordable, especially in High Schools. ... tion-tibet" onclick=";return false;

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