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Post by Snovid » Tue Jul 02, 2013 8:38 pm

In the context of the Vajra Armor :)

I read in a book ChNN that different items can consecrate
for example, invite to them Green Tara.

What is consecration by the teachings of Dzogchen
(and others tradition).

What is consecrated item?
What's included in the item consecrated which did not contain before the consecration?

Is the consecrated object is simply consecrated
or meaby depending on the as it affect us an amulet or talisman
the consecration is associated with different types of practices?

For example,
object with us to protect against disease
will be consecrated otherwise than an object whose job is to ...
causing in us lucid dreaming.

What is the correlation between the subject
consecrated and the deities or spirits of the elements, etc?

Is the object consecrated it is not a prison for spirits/deities etc?
I am from Poland I use google translator I do not know English

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