Please note Tsa Lung retreat announcement

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Please note Tsa Lung retreat announcement

Post by oldbob » Tue Jul 23, 2013 6:52 pm

Dear all and ALL,

Please take note of a Dzogchen Community Tsa Lung PRACTICE retreat announcement at: ... 10#p176443

The Teacher, Elio Guarisco, is a Heart Son of ChNNR, and for those attending this retreat, it will be the same as if receiving these most precious, and most rare, Teachings from ChNNR himself. Please note that this is a practice retreat in which the participants will be able to learn how to do these traditionally closely held practices through receiving, oral instructions regarding Tsa Lung: yoga of the winds and channels.

The take-a-way for the attendees will be the capacity to use these most effective techniques for themselves, in the advancement of their spiritual practice.

Please note that one may be a member of ANY religious tradition, or religious / philosophical belief system, and still be a practitioner of Dzogchen and / or member of the Dzogchen Community.

For those studying Dzogchen from within a holy tradition that requires the completion of Nundro, and other requirements, before practicing Tsa Lung, please understand that your tradition is exactly correct, for you, and the followers of your holy tradition. This is NOT / NOT a requirement in the holy Dzogchen tradition of ChNNR.

All Buddhist traditions are exactly correct for those following them.

This is why Lord Buddha taught the 84,000 (means a lot of) different Teachings, so there would be something suitable for everyone.

Please note the conflict in the advertising, of the requirement of being a Member of the Community, and the listing of the non-member price of $300.

This can be clarified by writing to:

Please note the wish of the Teacher, that all attend the 6 AM sessions.

Please note the requirement that attendees have received a Guru Yoga Transmission from ChNNR. This has been given in every web-cast and in the World-Wide Transmissions.

Turning the Wheel,


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Re: Please note Tsa Lung retreat announcement

Post by tarchin » Thu Jul 25, 2013 7:44 am

Will move out of the shadows and say that i went to Elios Tsa Lung Retreat in Australia and New Zealand and have not the slightest of doubt about the potency and clarity of the practice ...9/10 of the time is spent doing the practice so you left in no doubt on how to apply the instructions ...He is a very good instructor [ as he likes to call himself ].....

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