Dream Yoga

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Dream Yoga

Postby VinceField » Wed Jul 16, 2014 6:38 am

I'm curious to hear if anyone has any experience with Tibetan Dream Yoga practice. It seems to me to be a logical and integral part of the path to liberation, almost like the last chance one has to free oneself from samsara if one has not reached this goal through any of the other practices by the time one is dead. I'd also like to hear general opinions about this practice and the reasons why some of you choose not to practice it.

I recently heard from a Buddhist source that one is able to achieve levels of lucidity and mindfulness six times greater in the lucid dream state than that possible in the waking state, but my experience of the deeper/higher spiritual realms and dimensions of self leave me at a loss of words to describe the magnitude of the levels of clarity and insight possible during these states.

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