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总之,学法者大部分都能讲高深口头禅类的大圆满见解。不过如果真正想认证大圆满本来清净之明智,且不被昏沉、模糊、蒙昧所遮蔽,不被乐明无念之境界所染,不跟八种佛乘 包括大圆满心部大界部在内的有意识见修所混合,那只有依止一位以自身力量圆满地证得本净裸体直接明智的上师,而且在他的面前得到详细的引导,直到自己完全 领会为止。否则,从书里了达的见解无用无益。

"In sum, most students can speak about profound Dzogchen view-- oral view-- . However, if one really wants to recognise Dzogchen originally pure rigpa, without being covered by darkness, unclearness and downess, without stained by experiences of bliss, luminance and non-thought, without mixing with mindful view of other 8 yanas also Dzogchen Sem de and Long de, then he needs to follow a Guru who by himself completely, nakedly and directly relise the originally pure rigpa. The student should get detail instructions in front of him until totally understand. Otherwise, views from books are useless and have no benefits."

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