Buddha nature

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Buddha nature

Postby ronnewmexico » Wed Jul 13, 2011 2:19 pm

"....All achools of Vajrayana, both the older and more recent , speak about the buddha nature, the wisdom of clear light. Because it cannot be established to have true existence or to be autonomous, it is termed "free from elaboration".


" However, although this is the case, we still have to maintain that, because it possesses this continuity, the present fundamental innate mind---this present instant of consciousness---comes from its earlier moments. The same holds true of the wisdom of Buddha---the omniscient mind of Buddha---which perceives the two truths directly and simultaneously, and which is also a state of awareness of consciousness. Since it is a state of awareness, the factor which will eventually turn into that kind of wisdom, namely the fundamental innate nature of clear light, will also have to be maintained to be a state of awarenesss. For it is impossible for anything which is not by nature awareness to turn into a state of awareness. So from this second point of view, the fundamental innate mind of clear light is causally produced."

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