Hua Tou and Dzogchen

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Re: Hua Tou and Dzogchen

Post by Pema Rigdzin » Thu Aug 25, 2011 10:54 am

kalden yungdrung wrote:
Pema Rigdzin wrote:
kalden yungdrung wrote: When i understood it well...
Hey Kalden,

I've seen you use this phrase from time to time and it always seems like what you intend to be saying is "if I understood it well" or "if I understood it correctly" or something along those lines. I think you mean to be saying "if" rather than "when." Just trying to help ease the language barrier, so please don't take offense.
kalden yungdrung wrote: Mutsog Marro
I've also been meaning to ask you, out of curiosity, what the above (Tibetan?) phrase means?

Tashi delek,

- Yes, if i did understood it well does mean, that in case i did understood the teachings wrong, my answers here will be alo wrong. And it could be that i -
- could have misunderstood my teachings, that is possible........ :shock:
- Mutosg Marro is Zhang Zhung language, which is the maternal language of the Zhang Zhung kingdom(s), 18 in total, and it does mean:" May all be
- auspicious".

Mutsog Marro
No no, I wasn't suggesting you misunderstood any teachings. :tongue: My comments only pertained to a slight error in your usage of English; I just pointed it out in hopes of helping you more clearly express yourself in English. Anyway, thanks for the explanation of the Zhang Zhung phrase. That was very interesting. :anjali:

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Re: Hua Tou and Dzogchen

Post by kalden yungdrung » Thu Aug 25, 2011 3:39 pm

Tashi delek Pema Rigdzin,

Thanks for your reply.
Now is the light on, now after a while did i understood your message.
When must be changed to if, ok that was the missing link.

Thanks for correcting my wrong used English.
One never is too old for learning.

Mutsog Marro
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