Pure Dimension

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padma norbu
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Pure Dimension

Post by padma norbu » Tue Sep 13, 2011 5:24 pm

I was listening to Namkhai Norbu explaining Dharmakaya, vibration and sound, light and rays, the 5 elements, etc. as he was basically explaining how phenomena arise and he mentioned the 5 wisdoms, the pure dimension and mandalas when a thought suddenly occurred to me that I never really considered before... it occurred to me that perhaps Pure Dimension means that everything is perceived as organized and in its proper place and therefore there is no confusion. I'm not all that familiar with interpretations of the mandala, but I've seen and read about quite a few and note that they seem to have wrathful and peaceful deities, 5 elements represented and so on. It seems that everything is included in its proper place... since the Buddhas are omniscient, that implies to me that they see all phenomena in its proper place without becoming confused. It reminded me of the analogy of muddy water settling; the mud and water are still there but the mud has settled rather than being mixed up with the water and so now the water is clear.
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White Lotus
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Re: Pure Dimension

Post by White Lotus » Wed Sep 14, 2011 3:12 pm

as i understand it... pure dimension is emptiness/dharmakaya which is all forms, everything that exists. since this dimension is empty of all things it is pure and yet being not a thing... it is everything (paradox). everything exists just as it is, you cant say ordered, you cant say disordered. it is just as it is. some have said empty, but as i see it awareness is not empty. it exists within emptiness.

best wishes, Tom.
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