"Location" of mind in Dzogchen

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Re: "Location" of mind in Dzogchen

Post by krodha » Sun Mar 18, 2012 8:10 pm

Namdrol wrote:
asunthatneversets wrote:
Sönam wrote:
The crystal canal is not about mind ...

Whatever term you would say the crystal canal concerns is synonymous with what I'm designating as "mind". I don't usually refer to it as mind either, it only warranted that title in the context of this thread to show the wide array and uses of the term "mind". So any deviation in shared view between you and I is going to be merely semantical.

No -- in this context the mind is physiologically sited in the lungs, and wisdom is sited in the heart. This is one key difference between the common teachings (i.e. mind has no source, no location and no destination when it leaves) and the uncommon teachings (mind has a source, a location and a destination).

Ok I was using mind as a synonym for wisdom, i wasnt implying sems was in the heart, but you're right not the best attempt at swapping terms since mind is accounted for already my mistake

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