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Post by dakini_boi » Tue May 22, 2012 9:03 pm

Malcolm wrote:
lhun grub is not a phenomena, and has nothing to with with phenomena. Phenomena are a result of ignorance that does not recognize the basis. Lhun grub is one of the three wisdoms inherent to the basis, the visible side. Ka dag is the emptiness aspect of the basis, the non-visible side. Energy/compassion is the inseperability of those two.
This is an interesting statement. I feel that if you can expand upon this, it will clear up a confusion I have.

If lhundrub is not phenomena, how is it different from kadag?

If lhundrub refers to something "visible," how can that not be phenomena? (I would think phenomena implies perceivability)

Can you define "phenomena?"

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