Starting a local practice group

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Starting a local practice group

Post by CrawfordHollow » Thu Aug 30, 2012 6:23 am

Hello folks,

Does anyone have any experience starting local practice groups, specifically in the Dzogchen Community? I am sure that there are regulations about this, but I am just looking to start something informal, doing collective practices together, ganapuja, watching webcasts and the like. I have put the word out in my town, and there is definately interest in meeting for meditation, but this is mostly from non-Buddhists who have no desire to get transmission and practice Dzogchen. I posted earlier today in another thread about my situation. I recently bought a three bedroom house in North Conway, NH. I would love to use it as a center for practice, whatever that may look like. I have two rooms for rent and am working on a shrine room. Also have a barn that I would like to turn into some sort of retreat structure. There is even possibilities of getting some teachers in for teachings. Right now this is a kind of fantasy for me. But that fantasy could grow into a vision and then perhaps a reality. I just need people! Its lonely being the only practitioner around. I am involved in a number of sanghas but they are all far away, although Tsegyalgar is pretty close.

So, are there any Dzoghcen practitioners in NH out there? Am I really the only one. If your out there, and would like to meet up, please contact me. I know that distance makes it hard, and our time is precious. If anyone is in the area or thinking of coming here let me know. Its a really nice mountain town under the shadow of Mt. Washington. I do a lot of backcountry skiing and rock and ice climbing, in fact there is an old quarry behind the house that forms some pretty neat ice drips that I play around on in the winter. Sorry to turn this into the Dzogchen classifieds, I really would just like to connect with some other practitioners. I also practice the Yangzab cycle of teachings and go to VT often for retreats so if there's anyone with these transmissions in the area I would love to do a practice retreat sometime on the Three Roots or Tsewang Dzinpa. If your out there, I would love to meet you.


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Re: Starting a local practice group

Post by simhanada » Thu Aug 30, 2012 7:42 am

Theres nothing to stop you doing something informal with other Dzogchen Community members(or those with transmission) If you'd like to do something more formal and invite teachers out etc then its best to contact Tsegyalgar. Got room in your back yard for a dance mandala? :)

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