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French Blog about Nyingma

Post by Dorjé Samten » Fri Jan 25, 2013 5:52 am

I decided some time ago to build a blog in French on the Nyingma tradition ( Beyond the interest I have in this tradition as a pratictioner, it is in the interest of information that I took this initiative because French resources on the subject are very limited and consequently my compatriots - who often do not practice much English - suffer of a lack of knowledge.
I turn to you, if you agree, to get your help. I've spotted posts very well documented but I also have some specific questions. I point out that in my blog, the teachings are not addressed. It talks about the history, monasteries, teachers, dharma arts, women in the Tradition of the Elders, etc.
Among my interests (so far):
- Monasteries, their characteristics, lineages, etc..
- The relationship between Bön and Nyingma tradition.
- Relations between Nyingma and Kagyu who are rich but I can not discern the causes or reasons.
- Any other topic you could suggest!
So, I thank in advance all those who will help me raise awareness of this wonderful tradition in French.

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