Mahasiddhas Thantong Gyalpos Earthquake Protection Amulet

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Mahasiddhas Thantong Gyalpos Earthquake Protection Amulet

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We published this once before, but all things being equal, this might be a good time to publish it again. Click on the image to download a larger image, then print it out and paste it over doors and windows. I suppose you could carry it on your person ... 0/iron.jpg" onclick=";return false;

Mahasiddhas Thantong Gyalpos Earthquake Protection Amulet ... mulet.html" onclick=";return false;

Thangthong Gyalpo (1361-1486). He was born in Wolka
Lhatse. That includes Angren County of Tibet now. He built
many temples and eighty-five iron bridges in Tibet. In his life,
he wrote many historical opera plays. We Tibetan say
traditional Tibetan opera was founded by him. In medicine, he
invented white saint pills and many other special pills. Later,
he died in Chung Riwo at the age of hundred and twenty-five.
He was a resourceful person for Tibet.

Thangtong Gyalpo lives on as a Drupthob, as well as through
the unbroken line of his incarnations. Moreover, he also lives
on in his works: i.e. lhakhags, chörten, iron chain bridges, his
philosophical writings up to the dances and songs that
accompany certain works. Unlike other masters who have
‘only’ left their philosophy, Thangtong Gyalpo is remembered
through physical structures like bridges and temples that
remain, which make Tibet and Bhutan more easily
‘conceivable’ to lamas, monks and laymen alike, which
according to him is a very popular media of his activity among
simple people.

Thangtong Gyalpo’s blessing is especially sought for the ‘long
life’ and protection from evil. In Tibet, people generally place a
figure of Thangtong Gyalpo on to the household altar. If one
moves to another place or another house, his statue is
brought before anything else. His popularity and admiration
in the present day Tibet is clear. Even in the holiest temple of
Tibet, the Tsuglakhang (gTsug lag khang) in Lhasa bears a
large statue of him in terracotta with offerings. At the Barkhor
(bar’khor), beside the Buddha statues, only statue of
Thangtong Gyalpo painted richly and sized approximately 15
to 20 centimetres are sold to pilgrims by the two shops. ... clnk&gl=au" onclick=";return false;

Thangtong Gyalpos Outer Inner Secret Refuge Practice

Sentient beings, all our very own mothers, are as limitless as space—all of us take refuge in the precious lama, who is the Buddha;
We take refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha;
We take refuge in the lamas, yidam deities and dakinīs;
We take refuge in the dharmakāya: the inseparable clarity and emptiness of our own mind.

This prayer carries the blessing of Avalokiteshvara, who transmitted it to Chöje Kangapa and told him to give it to Gelong Tsöndru Zangpo (Thangtong Gyalpo), saying that if he taught it to the people of this world, it would dispel all sickness, negative influences and obstacles here and now, and also grant protection from the lower realms. Virtue!

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