Kyimo Lung has only its raw untouched beauty and blessing

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Kyimo Lung has only its raw untouched beauty and blessing

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Ultimately, Kyimo Lung has only its raw untouched beauty and the blessings of Dharma. Difficult transportation and the lack of communication prevent the outside world from encroaching; remoteness and inaccessibility provide a serene and undisturbed environment perfect for the practice of Dharma.

Kyabje Dodrup Chen Rinpoche formally accepted the role of spiritual head of Sera Gonpa (Nubri) Monastery in order to continue the benefit of the 11th Nubri lama’s endeavors. The local people are devoted, but life is very hard here. It is no longer possible for these people to independently support the monastery. They need help from outside. Even obtaining the bare essentials is problematic. For example, rice has to be bought in the market in the lowlands; then porters must be hired to carry the rice on their backs up to Kyimo Lung. So, even rice is prohibitively expensive. As Rinpoche made a commitment to Nubri Monastery, he currently provides financial support. Rinpoche is now old so the Monastery need to find other means of support.

Since the Monastery became connected to Dodrup Chen Rinpoche, the religious community has grown to over 100 monks and nuns. The 11th Nubri Lama had originally intended to keep the monastery small, but Rinpoche feels that in this degenerate age it is rare to find those with motivation for Dharma, so anyone who comes to Nubri to practice should be accepted. Life at the monastery is hard. For example, there is no electricity or running water. Only the most dedicated practitioners brave the hardships.

King Thrisong Deutsen (790-858) asked Guru Rinpoche, the great 9th century saint and founder of Buddism in Tibet.

"In future times, when there will be warfare, strife, and difficult circumstances in the world, will there be a safe haven where people can go to practice?"

Guru Rinpoche told the king that there would be five Lungs where warfare would never enter. Kyimo Lung is one of these five.

Guru Rinpoche himself, came to bless this valley. Near Sera Gompa,Nubri Monastery is the mountain of Tashi Palsang where heart treasures are hidden. These discovered treasures Ter were then reconcealed in the mountain and there continued presence is a protection against war, Terdak Lingpa [Minling Terchen, 1646-1714] discovered Ter here as did Terton Garwang Dorje, who took six scriptures as Ter practices from the mountain before replacing them. The Mirror of the Enlightened Mind of Vajrasattva and The Heart Tantra of Padmasambhava on Dzogchen were both discovered in Kyimo Lung.

According to one of the greatest Tertons, Rigdzin Goddem, many Termas still remain in the mountains of Nubri. Karma Tulku has listed a few:

* The original 18 Dzogchen Tantras in 5 cycles written in Lapis given by Vajrapani * The remains of King Trisongdeutsan’s youngest son in a copper vessel.
* Manjusri’s diamond sword
* Avalokitesvara’s crystal rosary
* King Trisongdeutsan’s crown which was originally given by Indra to Shakyamuni, then hidden as a terma, re-discovered by Guru Rinpoche and given to King Trisongdeutsan.
* King Trisongdeutsan’s robe.
* Guru Rinpoche’s set of 21 phurbas.
* Many More

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