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Re: shedra

Postby anjali » Sat Jan 11, 2014 3:00 am

lama tsewang wrote:Secondly and very important , can anyone volunteer to help with helping to make or create a means for establishing an online study group , forum , blog where the online students can exchange ideas about the books hes teaching , and also an online way to give out exams etc. This is not to be merely a listening to someone give talks but , it must be accompanied by as tudy program and a means of evaluating the participants understanding just as is done in shedras now, in the east

Lama Tsewang

Maybe one of your potential students could help you with taking a look at the usefulness of different Google Apps for Education. Google's stuff is free.
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Re: shedra

Postby lama tsewang » Fri Feb 14, 2014 8:34 pm

hello , it seems now , that Khenpo Snam will start teaching a madhyamika text in March, it will likely be the Introduction to the Middle way dont let the title make you think its merely an introduction. It is Miphams commentary to Madhyamakavatara
. Now I am asking for HRLP!!!!!
i need help with establishing a site, a means for making this work so that we can make this more than merely him talking and us listening to some talks , we need to have discusssion groups evaluations etcetera , so that this will be more real
Please contact me!!


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