Rainbow Body Prayer

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Rainbow Body Prayer

Post by phantom59 » Wed May 19, 2010 3:56 pm

Emaho !

In the primordially pure reality of the natural manifestations,
The radiance of the nonconceptual awareness [expresses itself] as vajra chains,
Bodies and luminous circles in the indivisibility of space and primordial wisdom.
To the exalted teacher of the ultimate meaning, I pray.
In the heart of the space and the gathering of domes of light and rainbow rays,
In order to reach the completion of the four visions on the secret way of Thögal in this present life
And to be released in the space of the primordial ground
As the Dharmakaya rainbow body, grant your blessings!
Written by the yogi of Khyung Dzong in response to Derge Lama. May it be virtuous

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