Wosel Dorje Nyingpo Ling Yogi Retreat Centre, Khamtod, Tibet

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Wosel Dorje Nyingpo Ling Yogi Retreat Centre, Khamtod, Tibet

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Khenchen Lama Rinpoche's heartfelt wish is to establish a retreat center in Tibet at a location, where a yogi retreat center stood back in Padmasambhava's times. At this historic site in Khamtod, Sangye Yeshe one of Padmasambhava's heart disciples and the previous incarnation of Khenchen Lama Rinpoche - spent nine years engaging in meditation and teaching of Anuyoga to his disciples. Many yogis experienced the highest fruition of their practice at this sacred site by achieving rainbow body. Following this tradition, Rinpoche's aspiration is to build a retreat center where the most serious practitioners of the yogic tradition would be able to bring their practice to fruition. He envisions s retreat center for about 300 yogis and yoginis who would be able to engage in deep retreat practice lasting from one week up to 9 nine years. Khenchen Lama Rinpoche gave the center a name commensurate with its aspirations Wosel Dorje Nyingpo Ling Land of the Heart of Rigpa.

This section contains general teachings given by teachers of the Tibetan Yoga Center at various occasions as well as specific teachings that are part of the curriculum of the center. These teachings are available for free, but proper reference to the teachings if used as part of other materials should be included.

Tibetan Yogi Lineage in the West
http://www.tibetanyogacenter.org/teachi ... ineage.doc

Enlightenment and Exceptional Mental Balance
http://www.tibetanyogacenter.org/teachi ... alance.doc

Vajrasattva Practice and Teaching
http://www.tibetanyogacenter.org/teachi ... sattva.doc

Kinds of Happiness and the Path of Tibetan Yoga
http://www.tibetanyogacenter.org/teachi ... piness.doc

Preliminary Practices by Mipham Rinpoche
http://www.tibetanyogacenter.org/teachi ... gondro.doc

Wisdom Root Guru Yoga Teaching
http://www.tibetanyogacenter.org/teachi ... aching.doc

Sangye Yeshe Guru Yoga Practice
http://www.tibetanyogacenter.org/teachi ... adhana.doc

Rigpa Guru Yoga Practice
http://www.tibetanyogacenter.org/teachi ... actice.doc

White Manjushri Teaching and Practice
http://www.tibetanyogacenter.org/teachi ... actice.doc

White Tara Practice
http://www.tibetanyogacenter.org/teachi ... adhana.doc

Khaton Prayer Book
http://www.tibetanyogacenter.org/teachi ... 20Book.doc

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