dilgo khyentse rinpoche's sum bum

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dilgo khyentse rinpoche's sum bum

Post by narraboth » Tue Sep 14, 2010 11:48 am

Great Vajra holder Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, his collection is profound and beautiful.
I recently read his guruyoga works (there are many), many of them are written for certain masters. But I found it difficult to recognise whom are to be written for; Tibeten masters got many names!

There is one called Kunzang Lama Namgyor got three names (or two?):
1. Karma Ka 2. Rang Jong Rigpa'i dorje 3. teach holder Majusri
the 2. could be 16th Karmapa, but I can't tell really.

Another one called dorje yeshe shar ba
there's a master called 'thub bstan bshad sgrub rgya mtsho'
who is he??

Another one called rig sum lama namgyor
the master is called 'Ngawang Namgyal' said to be the emination of Vajrapani
who is he again? is he the Drukpa Kagyu master Ngawang Namgyal?

also one for 'jigs med gzungs spobs blo gros rab sal' in brief called 'blo rab'
one 'bde chen mtsan dpe'i gzi byin', probably one of Chokling tulku??

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