Swiss Vajrakilaya Winter Retreat Jan 3-9 2011

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Swiss Vajrakilaya Winter Retreat Jan 3-9 2011

Post by phantom59 » Wed Nov 17, 2010 6:21 pm

Event : Vajrakilaya Winter Retreat with by Namkha Rinpoche
Date : January 3-9
Venue : Chalet LANA in the village of Evolène, Valais, Switzerland
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The Drubcho of Vajra Kilaya (Putri Rekpung) that we are going to practice during this retreat week was composed by His Holiness Düdjom Rinpoche and consists in an intensive recitation of a text including numerous specific visualisations (meditations) and their respective mantras. The retreat’s participants (experienced or beginner practitioners) will be guided through this complex practice by Namkha Rinpoche and his assistant Lama Sonam Tashi.

This method allows to deepen and stabilize our capacity to practice in a coordinated manner with the body, speech and mind, reaching hence a more positive and beneficial state of mind. Vajra Kilaya is one of the main deities used in Vajrayana practices in the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. It is said to be particularly effective to dispel obstacles, both in our daily life and on our path towards enlightenment. The Drubchö consists of two main parts. Firstly, the Lejang (or activity ritual) aims at cultivating the qualities of enlightenment in the practitioners’ mindstream. The second part, called Mele (or lower activity) aims at liberating obstacles.

The rarity of the Masters who have the ability to transmit, teach and guide this kind of practice makes this retreat an extraordinary event. Thus, Namkha Rinpoche, disciple from Thinle Norbu Rinpoche and Semo Dechen Rinpoche (older son and daughter of Düdjom Rinpoche) will allow each participant to benefit from his incredible experience of this Vajra Kilaya Drubcho.

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