Intro of Yeshe Jamtso Rinpoche who specialized in Nyingma Manjushiri Yamantaka

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Intro of Yeshe Jamtso Rinpoche who specialized in Nyingma Manjushiri Yamantaka

Post by Bruce » Wed Mar 06, 2019 10:34 pm

The birth of His Eminence Yeshe Jamtso Rinpoche-the true emanation of Manjushiri Yamantaka.
His Eminence Yeshe Jamtso Rinpoche was born at Scared Mountain Langlang — a site blessed by Buddhas and Bodhisattvas — located in the Kham area of Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. At the age of one His Eminence was taken to live at a monastery by his uncle, a lama. He started to learn Tibetan and scriptures at seven, and he became a chanting master, leading the chanting in the monastery at the age of 12. He became an ordained monk at 16, then he went to Katok Monastery, the ancestral monastery of Nyingmapa , where he diligently listened, contemplated and practised Buddhadharma for nine years, thus earning his Khenpo degree at the Buddhist Institute of Katok Monastery, the highest scholastic honour awarded in Tibetan Buddhism. He also completed a three-year retreat there.

There were many auspicious signs when His Eminence was born. Before his birth, his mother saw four or five suns in the sky; it was winter, but suddenly the flowers in the hillside blossomed. Due to these rare signs, some local monks believed that a demon was about to be born, and they collectively performed Vajrakilaya practice to prevent His Eminence’s birth. Unexpectedly, the previous reincarnation of His Eminence, the venerable Yeshe Dorjey, had accomplished Dorje Phurba. Thus, instead of preventing the birth of His Eminence, their practice enhanced the growth of the fetus.

His eminence was recognised by His Holiness Achuk Rinpoche as a reincarnation of the venerable Yeshe Dorjey, who was the guru of the great Nyingmapa Mahasiddha Lerab Lingpa. H.H said of His eminence, “Tulkus and Khenpos need to be aware that, from both the inner and outer aspect, the present Yeshe Jamtso is the manifestation of Yeshe Dorjey, the great Xinlong Mahasiddha.”

His eminence Acho Rinpoche, a rainbow-body achiever of Xinlong County recognised His Eminence as a reincarnation of Rwa Lotsawa Dorje Drag. His Holiness Pema Norbu and other siddhas also recognised His Eminence as an emanation of the renowned magic power king in the Tibetan history, Rwa Lotsawa Dorje Drag.

While at Katok Monastery and other places — listening, contemplating, practicing sutric and tantric teachings — His Eminence applied all the teachings in practice and assimilated teaching perfectly with practice. When engaging in deity practice, he strictly followed the requirement of the retreat and endeavoured to achieve the clarity, purity, and stableness in contemplation. He accomplished the realisation during retreat; the deity would appear before him as an acquaintance and give him the related prophecy. During the retreat, His Eminence was united with the accomplishments of his previous lives, including the accomplishments of Yamantaka, Dorje Phurba and three principle Dharma protectors.

The origin of transmission-qualified masters and pure transmission

Rinpoche has relied on many teachers and studied at Pelyul Buddhist Academy and Larung Gar Buddhist Academy. During his study at Katok Monastery, he received myriad sutric and tantric teachings from Khenpo Guru, Khenpo Pema Tenzin, Khenpo Tsultrim Thaye, and he also received a great number of profound tantric teachings from His Holiness Katog Moksa Rinpoche and earned his Khenpo degree. He also received empowerments of the Rinchen Terdzö (Treasury of precious termas) from His Eminence Dolo Rinpoche. He went on to receive many teachings of the tantra and profound empowerments from His Holiness Jigme Phuntsok Rinpoche.

Due to the connection in their previous lives as teachers and disciples, when Rinpoche went to Larung Gar Buddhist Academy to follow H.H Jigme Phuntsok Rinpoche as his teacher, H.H transmitted many essential teachings to him, including the Nine Principle Deities of Avalokiteśvara, a.k.a., the Nine Principle Deities of Magnetizing Activities. Rinpoche perceived the Nine Principle Deities of Avalokiteśvara in a vision nine times, thus accomplishing Magnetizing Activities and inheriting H.H’s enlightened activity of Magnetizing Activities. Rinpoche is thus a great siddha of Magnetizing Activities. In fact, according to the prophecy of H.H and his deity, Rinpoche would extensively carry out Magnetizing Activities after the age of forty-one.

One day, in Rinpoche’s luminous dream vision, His Holiness Achuk Rinpoche told him, “Hurry to Yarchen Monastery, we were teachers and disciples in our previous lives.” Rinpoche then went to Yarchen Monastery and followed H. H as his teacher. In the course of his study, Rinpoche received the complete transmission of Longchen Nyingtik and Longsal teachings, and completed ngöndro practices more than seven times. In his three-year retreat, Rinpoche finished the practice of tögal of Dzogchen and attained the level of the primordial Buddha Samantabhadra.

Rinpoche received myraid teachings on Yamantaka from many masters. Once one of his disciples ask him how many transmissions of Yamantaka he received, Rinpoche answered: conservatively speaking there is over one thousand, maybe more than ten thousand.

Observing pure precepts- being ordianed at sixteen, observing precepts without violation

His Eminence Yeshe Jamtso Rinpoche has observed precepts strictly — the Pratimoksha vows, Boddhisattva vow, root or secondary tantric vows. His observing is so effortless that he has reached the state of assimilating observing and non-observing into one. Having become an ordained monk when he was only sixteen, he’s been keeping his vows for nearly three decades, capable of taming and educating four assemblies of disciples with his supreme qualities. This is not something a monk often achieves; Rinpoche possesses rare qualities.

The kindness of Rinpoche is inconceivable — conferring precious Dharma extensively and benefiting sentient beings widely

Sometimes Rinpoche says, “I’ve bestowed you with things which are as precious as my heart; you ask me for Dzambhala Practice to increase your wealth, I feel very sad.” The precious things he refers to are his own accomplishment of Yamantaka, Dorje Phurba. Rinpoche is the only Tibetan Tantric master who extensively transmits the deity practice. Moreover, the practice he confers is systematic and complete.

In the past, in terms of tantric teaching such as Yamantaka practice, the master would only confer empowerment to several disciples. If there is more than seven people, it will bring harm to the master’s health. In order to assist his disciples to attain enlightenment, even if the disciples’ capacity is insufficient, Rinpoche will transmit the teaching to them. He has only one aim, which is to plant a seed of liberation in the disciples’mindstream.

Rinpoche also has transmitted the terma teaching, One Hundred Thousand Buddhas Confession, extensively; it’s a sublime teaching which enables sentient beings to be liberated from samsara by hearing, to attain Buddhahood instantaneously, and to be born in Pureland forcefully. As Rinpoche said, it will be effective even if only chanting One Hundred Thousand Buddhas Confession, without preliminary practice and dedication. This is a very special teaching which is a terma teaching revealed by the Venerable Pema Dudul, whose motivation was to benefit sentient beings in Degenerated time. This teaching has been transmitting among the four schools of Tibetan Buddhism in all areas.

Profound merit—following the footsteps of great siddhas in the past and fostering disciples

During the time when following His Holiness Achuk Rinpoche, Yeshe Jamtso Rinpoche manifested supreme qualities. When H.H was conferring the second pith instruction of Dzogchen to him, Yeshe Jamtso Rinpoche made an offering of complete pith instructions to H.H. This was possible because he’s the emanation of Manjushiri, and thus his peerless wisdom appears spontaneously. Before H.H passed into parinirvana, he announced at a great Dharma assembly of over ten thousand attendees at Yarchen Monastery: “My great heart disciple Yeshe Jamtso has attained the greatest dharma accomplishment among all my heart disciples in Yarchen Monastery.”

In 2010, Rinpoche made an offering of all his belongings, even including his robes to H.H. This is rare in buddhist history. Many disciples witnessed this meritorious act. Historically, only few siddhas such as H.H Jigme Phuntsok Rinpoche and Changken Ari Rinpoche, who was the guru of His Holiness Achuk Rinpoche, had made courageous offerings like this.

In 2011, Rinpoche had a heart operation in Beijing due to a serious heart disease. Subsequently he started to take Han Chinese as his disciples. He arranges listening, contemplating, and practicing Dharma systematically for every student, and also guides them through practices such as Yamantaka and Dzogchen.

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Re: Intro of Yeshe Jamtso Rinpoche who specialized in Nyingma Manjushiri Yamantaka

Post by smcj » Wed Mar 06, 2019 10:48 pm

1. No traditional Buddhist sect, Tibetan or otherwise, considers deities to be fictional. (DW post/Seeker242)
2. I support Mingyur R and HHDL in their positions against Lama abuse.
3. Student: Lama, I thought I might die but then I realized that the 3 Jewels would protect me.
Lama: Even If you had died the 3 Jewels would still have protected you. (DW post by Fortyeightvows)
4. Shentong] is the completely pure system that, through mainly teaching the luminous aspect of the mind, holds that the fruitions--kayas and wisdoms--exist on their own accord. (Karmapa XIII)

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