Today Nyingmapas are celebrating Saga Dawa

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Today Nyingmapas are celebrating Saga Dawa

Post by orgyen jigmed » Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:35 am

Thab-khe thug-je Shakye rig-su thrung
To you who knows the method (for liberation of sentient beings) and (who is) compassionate, born of the Shakyan race,

Zhen-kyee mi-thub dud-kyi pung-jom-pa
Who cannot be conquered by others, who overcomes the demonic forces,

Ser-kyi lhun-po ta-wur jid-pe ku
Whose body is radiant like golden Mount Sumeru,

Sha-kye Gyal-po khyod-la ch'ag-tshal-lo
King of the Shakyas, I pay homage.

Tadyatha Om Muni Muni Maha Munaye Soha
(Mantra of Shakyamuni Buddha)

repeat many times

De-sheg se-che kun-kyi thug-kyed tang
By the intentions of the Bliss-gone [Buddha] and all of his children,

Dzed-pa mon-lam khyen-tse nu-pe thur
By the might of deeds, aspirations, wisdom, compassion and power

La-med ye-shey gyu-thrul chi-dra-wa
Which are the illusory manifestation of the unexcelled wisdom (of the Buddha).

Te-dra kho-nar dag-sog gyur-war-shog
May i (and all sentient beings) attain the same!

From 'The Short Preliminary Practice of Longchen Nyingthig' compiled and published by Kyabje Dodrup Chen Rinpoche, Deorali Chorten Gompa, Gangtok, Sikkim. India

And according to Mipham Rinpoche, it was through the force of discovering this dharani that the King of Shakyas himself attained enlightenment, and that Avalokiteshvara became the supreme of all the bodhisattvas. Through simply hearing this dharani, a vast accumulation of merit will easily be gained and all karmic obscurations will be purified, and when reciting it, obstacles will not occur. This has been taught in the abridged Prajnaparamita.

Other teachings say that by reciting this dharani only once, all the harmful actions you have committed throughout 800,000 kalpas will be purified. They say that it possesses boundless qualities such as these, and is the sacred heart-essence of Buddha Shakyamuni.
"If the aspiration for enlightenment is your motivation in coming to see me, there is no remedy except meditative practice. I, too, will only practice." - Zurpoche Sakya Jungne

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