The 5 Power Places of Guru Rinpoche

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The 5 Power Places of Guru Rinpoche

Postby phantom59 » Fri Jul 01, 2011 2:06 pm

The principal meditation caves of Guru Rinpoche are known as The Five Power Places of the Guru. Together with three additional power places they are Eight Solitary Places of Realization, located in Central Tibet, Lhodrak and Bhutan.

All these cave-hermitages are all places where Guru Rinpoche concealed important terma treasure troves). They all have prophecies associated with treasure that predict the coming of tertons (treasure-finders) who would meditate there and discover the treasures that the Guru concealed. Also, they are power-places that induce dream and vision, and to that extent they are places where Guru Rimpoche had prophecies revealed to him and where he asserted that yogins would attain realization.

The Guru's consort , Yeshe Tsogyal, stayed for some time in all of these caves and concealed treasure-texts therein. Some of the Guru's Twenty Five Disciples meditated in these caves after their final initiation, and attained siddhi there. Since the 8th century these caves have been the residence of many important Dzogchen practitioners.

The Five Guru Rinpoche Power Places:
1.Drak Yongdzong, Power-place of the Guru's Body
2.Samye Chimpu, Power-place of the Guru's Speech
3.Lhodrak Karchu, Power-place of the Guru's Mind
4.Yarlung Shetak , Power-place of the Guru's Qualities
5.Monka Nering Senge Dzong, Power-place of the Guru's Action

The Eight Solitary Places of Realization:
The above five power-places
6. Drakmar Yamalung
7. Monka Sridzong
8. Paro Taktsang Puk

I, Padmakara, came to benefit Tibet.
By miraculous displays, I have tamed the vicious spirits
And established many destined people on the path of ripening and liberation.
The profound terma teachings shall fill Tibet and Kham with siddhas.
Pass and valley, mountain and cave, everywhere down to the size of a hoof,
I have consecrated to be a place of sadhana.
Creating the auspicious coincidence for lasting peace in Tibet and Kham,
I shall nurture beings with an unceasing stream of emanations.
My kindness to Tibet is great but it will not be appreciated.

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Re: The 5 Power Places of Guru Rinpoche

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Dzogchen masters I know say: 1)Buddhist religion essence is Dzogchen 2)Religions are positive by intent/fruit 3)Any method's OK unless: breaking Dzogchen vows, mixed as syncretic (Milanese Soup) 4)Don't join mandalas of opponents of Dalai Lama/Padmasambhava: False Deity inventors by encouraging victims 5)Don't debate Ati with others 6)Don't discuss Ati practices online 7) A master told his old disciple: no one's to discuss his teaching with some others on a former forum nor mention him. Publicity's OK, questions are asked from masters/set teachers in person/email/non-public forums~Best wishes

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