Tsogyal Latso : Sacred Lake in Tibet

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Tsogyal Latso : Sacred Lake in Tibet

Post by phantom59 » Sun Aug 14, 2011 5:07 pm

Tsogyal Latso is a revered sacred site in the Nyingma tradition. In the eighth
century, Khandro Yeshe Tsogyal was born there and a long, long time ago, it was
the abode of Vajra Varahi and Saraswati. At Tsogyal's birth, a spring fed lake
spontaneously expanded in size and a naga chief offered her a pillar from a
sandalwood tree grown with special elixirs. In time, the lake became a visionary
lake. Both the lake and the tree are called la in Tibetan culture natural forces
that sustained and continue to sustain Yeshe Tsogyal's vitality and presence in
the world. Hence the name of her birthplace Tsogyal Latso, Life Supporting Lake
of Tsogyal. We should also mention that there are two natural springs that flow
with her secret breast milk which are banked with white flowers that bloom in
winter. Unbelievably, all this has survived the trials of time and tragedy!

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Re: Tsogyal Latso : Sacred Lake in Tibet

Post by phantom59 » Sun Aug 14, 2011 5:18 pm

This September Jnanasukha and a team of doctors will be providing medical aid to the nuns of Tsogyel Latso where respiratory infection, diarrhea, malnutrition are common Medical treatment and health education is vital to establish the nunnery

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Tsogyal Latso was badly damaged during the Cultural Revolution. Sacred artifacts were destroyed and thrown into the Latso. For about ten years, this holy lake was like a cesspool. Soon after this historical period of chaos and ruin, a few visited the Latso and began to restore and expand the site. Today, the temple has been completely refurbished, the Latso cleaned out, and there is a small community of nuns.

Fortunately, several sacred artifacts have survived the impact of time and history. This includes Yeshe Tsogyal's life-supporting lake (latso), her life-supporting tree (a sandalwood pillar offered by a naga chief at her birth), two sacred springs flowing with her secret breast milk, and several stone handprints and footprints made when she was a young girl.

The present living conditions at Tsogyal Latso are humble. The temple is too small to accommodate the nuns and visiting pilgrims. Electricity and running water have just arrived. The manager, Ani Samten, is thirty-six years of age. She came to the Latso with three young nuns in 1994 when there was not even a road. In the last five years, through begging for funds, she has completed several projects which protect the sacred ecology and artifacts and provide housing for the nuns. Today there are fourteen nuns at Tsogyal Latso.

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