Deden Tashi Choling Message from Tulku Orgyen Phuntsok

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Deden Tashi Choling Message from Tulku Orgyen Phuntsok

Post by phantom59 » Sun Sep 04, 2011 4:14 pm

Dear Sangha Members and Friends,

To begin with, I would like to thank you all very much from my heart. You have kindly stood with me throughout this time, with your continual financial support, your prayers, and your sincere good wishes for the success of The Pemaköd Project. I have treasured and will always treasure your kindness in my heart. Not only will The Project generate great benefits for the Hidden Land and for all sentient beings, but also it is crucial for me personally, as its completion is my highest responsibility and aspiration in this lifetime.

For the last four years since The Pemaköd Project began, both paid and volunteer workers have been hard at work collecting and personally transporting, on their backs, tremendous amounts of sand, gravel and stones from the river; cement bags; rebar; plywood; and many other materials. They have expended huge amounts of time and energy building the temple, at great physical hardship and personal cost. I am delighted to report that as a result of their efforts, the whole outer structure of the three-story temple, as well as detailed designs for the interior of each of the three levels, are nearing completion!

As I write this, many volunteer local Tibetan residents of Pemaköd, monks from the Palyul monastery in Tuting, craftsmen and artisans from Bhutan, traditional moulding experts from Nepal, and local Indian laborers are all working on a daily basis. It is my intention to continue these activities, regardless of the tremendous financial expense required to continue paying, housing and feeding all the workers for many months to come, and to secure the wide range of materials that will be necessary to bring The Pemaköd Project to completion.

The Project as a whole is steadily heading toward being finished this year. Not only will the three-story Zangdokpalri Temple Deden Tashi Choeling be completed, but also the other related projects, such as the Dorje Drolod Stupa near the entrance to the retreat land; the Temple Gate; the Lamp Offering House, the Prayer Wheel House; the Water Offering; the Sangha Kitchen; the Guest House; and Bhakha Rinpoche's cabin, will be finished as well.

When I think about how all of us, together, are bringing into form this three-story Zangdokpalri Temple, a sacred expression of the Three Kayas I feel tremendous joy. This Temple will remain in this most holy place, the Secret Chakra of Dorje Pagmo, in the King of the Hidden Lands, where the Three Kaya holy sites are found. Creating such a lasting sacred shrine as this in this most holy of lands, in this degenerate time, for the welfare of all sentient beings and for peace in this world -- has been a profound heart aspiration of many great masters of the past, and fulfills the wishes of Guru Rinpoche himself.

I returned from Pemaköd almost a month ago. Kathleen Pratt and Willa Keizer joined me again at the land, and we all had a great time together there whether the Pemakod sky was open and radiantly clear blue, or whether it displayed gray clouds that brought auspicious and rare snowfall while we performed pujas for those who had commissioned them. We did a ground-breaking ceremony on Guru Rinpoche Day for the new Dorje Drolod stupa, made thousands of Dorje Drolod and other tsa tsas for the stupa, and engaged in personal retreats.

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