Yamantaka DrubChen at 500 year old Sangye Teng Gompa

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Yamantaka DrubChen at 500 year old Sangye Teng Gompa

Post by phantom59 » Thu Oct 29, 2009 4:12 pm

A powerful and wrathful great accomplishment DrubChen ceremony will be performed. This is based on the cycle of Shinjé Shed, Yamantaka, the Lord of Life, the conqueror of death and will take place in the sacred land of Bhutan at the Sangye Teng Gompa, with Tsewong Sitar Rinpoche presiding over some 30-40 seasoned lamas. The isolated monastery was founded by Sangye Lingpa over 500 years ago and this remote and powerful location is the perfect setting to accomplish this intense practice.

The 7-day ceremony will fiercely remove obstacles and offer protection for the supporters of the drupchen and all sentient beings in this realm. This Shinjé practice of Guru Rinpoche was first revealed by TsaSum Lingpa (1694-1738). It was later transmitted in a visionary encounter to Pegyal Lingpa, the great Bhutanese spiritual master and Treasure Revealor of the 19th century. This was handed down to his heart son, Tsewong Rinpoche, who, like PeGyal Lingpa, was recognized as a reincarnation of NubYul Sangye Yeshe, one of the 25 disciples of Guru Padmasambhava. This is the main personal yidam of Tsewong Rinpoche, and so has great importance in averting obstacles for all our worldly and dharma activity in the future. The drupchen features the all-important “Lover Activity” or MeLeh—reversing (Dogpa), throwing (Zor) and other wrathful activity, to assure that intractable obstacles are annihilated.

Now, we enter an era of great karmic reckoning, with profound energetic and astrological shifts. The environmental, social, economic, and political upheavals we are witnessing are merely effects of this dynamic change. The outcome may be a new Utopia of mutual empowerment, or the path of greed and self-obsession will create further hell on earth. The polarity is that marked. In the time of the “Five Degenerations,” as described in Tibetan literature, we can expect severe obstacles to our individual and collective peace, happiness and accomplishment.

1. Elemental instability: erratic disturbances of the water and earth, wind and fire, ie. floods, storms, earthquakes, droughts, ecological crises, crop failures, etc.
2. Warfare: failure to resolve old racial and political conflicts, onset of new disruptions, with stealth weapons, terrorism and violence.
3. Social Upheaval: ongoing erosion of cultural values and integrity, with financial and economic upheavals, and the failure of consumerism as we knew it; In reaction, political forces will seek greater control on a massive scale.
4. Sickness: global epidemics and incurable diseases, including that causes by environmental toxins and man-made poisons will be rampant.
5. Values: the masses of humanity become increasingly blind to spiritual values, while indulging in greater self-inflation, greed and dehumanization.
While these disruptions are inevitable, their impact and destructive effects can be greatly mitigated or averted on an individual level and even globally through spiritual practice.

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