Verses of Homage to the Buddhas & Bodhisattvas

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Verses of Homage to the Buddhas & Bodhisattvas

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Verses of Homage to the Buddhas & Bodhisattvas Together with their Mantras, by Kyabjé Trulshik Rinpoche

1. Our Compassionate Teacher, Shakyamuni

With your great compassion, you chose this world of conflict and degeneration
And made five hundred vast aspirations
You are praised like the immaculate white lotus, for whoever hears your name can never fall back into samsara
Most compassionate teacher, to you I pay homage

Supreme teacher, bhagavan, tathagata, arhat,
Complete and perfect Buddha, glorious conqueror,
Shakyamuni, to you I bow! To you I pay homage! In you I take refuge

teyatha om mune mune mahamunaye soha

2. Glorious Vajrasattva

You are the primordial awareness of skilful means the indestructible state beyond all concepts,
Realized in the nature of the Great Mother, transcendental wisdom free from any reference,
Displaying your compassion, in all its variety, in every kind of way
O great Vajrasattva, to you I pay homage

om vajra sattva ah

3. Amitayus, Buddha of Limitless Life and Wisdom

Buddha of Infinite Life, foremost guide of beings in this world,
Your glory overcomes all untimely death,
You are a refuge for those of us who suffer without protection
To you, Buddha Amitayus, I pay homage

om amarani dziwentayé soha

4. Amitabha, Buddha of Limitless Light

In the realm of Sukhavati, you turn the Wheel of Dharma,
Gazing on living beings with all your compassion,
And acting for their benefit, just as you vowed
To you, Amitabha resting in meditation, I pay homage

om amidhewa hrih

5. Buddha Ratnashikhin

Bhagavan, tathagata, arhat, complete and perfect Buddha, glorious conqueror,
Ratnashikhin, to you I bow! To you I pay homage! In you I take refuge!

teyatha ratné ratné shi khé né soha

6. Bhaishajya Guru, Buddha of Medicine

Blessed one, whose compassion for all is equal,
Simply hearing your name dispels the suffering of lower realms,
Buddha of Medicine, you who heal the sickness of the three poisons
Light of Lapis Lazuli, to you I pay homage

Bhagavan, tathagata, arhat, complete and perfect buddha, glorious conqueror,
Buddha of Medicine, Sovereign of the Light of Lapis Lazuli, to you I bow!
To you I pay homage! In you I take refuge

teyatha om bhekandze bhekandze maha bhekandze bhekandze radza samutgaté soha

7. Buddha’s Regent, the Protector Maitreya

The fire of your great love burns up the dry wood of hate,
The light of your wisdom dispels the darkness of ignorance,
Dharma regent, protector of all living beings,
Who dwells in the Tushita heaven to you I pay homage

om mati mati smriti soha

8. Noble Avalokiteshvara

Your thousand arms are the thousand universal monarchs,
Your thousand eyes the thousand buddhas of this fortunate age,
You who teach each and every one of us according to our needs,
Lord Avalokiteshvara, to you I pay homage

om mani padmé hung hrih

9. Noble Lord Manjushri

Across the skies of all that can be known, profound and infinite,
Shine the vast rays of light from the sun of your intelligence,
Dispelling the darkness of ignorance in all beings’ minds
Lord Manjughosha, to you I pay homage

om arapatsana dhih

10. 'The Vajra Subduer': Vajra Vidarana

All the buddhas’ power and strength
Is condensed within you alone,
Who manifest as the enlightened form of vajra wrath
Vajra Subduer, to you I pay homage!

namash chanda vajra krodhaya
hulu hulu tishtha tishtha
bhendha bhendha hana hana
amrité hung phat

11. Noble Vijaya, Goddess of Victory

Glorious goddess, your colour that of the autumn moon,
With three faces and eight arms, your form ravishing and serene,
You grant the supreme gifts of longevity and boundless wisdom
Noble Vijaya, to you I pay homage

om amrita ayurdadé soha

12. The Revered and Noble Tara

Deity on whom I meditated in lives gone by,
You are the enlightened activity of all buddhas, past, present, and future,
Brilliant white, with your one face, two hands, and seven eyes,
Mother of the buddhas, holder of the utpala flower, to you I pay homage!

om taré tuttaré turé soha

13. Prayer to the Guru, the Embodiment of All the Buddhas

To the eight manifestations of Guru Rinpoche,
The eight great accomplished vidyadharas,
The eight great bodhisattvas, the 'close sons',
The eight mandalas of Kagyé with all their deities:
To you I pray—inspire me with your blessings!
Dispel all obstacles outer, inner and secret!
Fulfill all my aspirations!
Grant me attainments, ordinary and supreme!

om ah hung vajra guru padma siddhi hung

14. Finally, the Wrathful Union of Hayagriva, Vajrapani and Garuda

You are the wisdom body, speech and mind of all the buddhas of the ten directions
The kingly Garuda, Hayagriva and the Lord of Secrets
Manifesting as one deity, foremost among the wrathful.
The very thought of you crushes obstructing forces—and to you I offer homage and praise!

om vajrapani hayagriva garuda hung phat

Through this merit, may I swiftly accomplish the realization
Of the buddhas and their bodhisattva heirs
And may I bring each and every single living being

To that perfect state as well.

Bodhichitta, precious and sublime:
May it arise in those in whom it has not arisen;
May it never decline where it has arisen;
May it go on increasing, further and further!

The precious view of shunyata,
May it be realized by those who have not realized it;
May it never decline where it has been realized;
May it go on increasing, further and further!

For all of you who have received teachings from me and have a Dharma connection with me, it be would be best to recite all these prayers and mantras every day. Otherwise, recite whichever you wish, especially on the 8th, 15th and 30th days of the lunar month, and on the four great anniversaries of our Teacher Shakyamuni. Whenever you do so, the benefit will be immeasurable. I, the Zhadeupa Ngawang Chökyi Lodrö, an ignorant monk of Shakyamuni, entreat you with folded hands.

Shubham. Sarva Mangalam.

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