Melodies of the Palpung Jaling

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Melodies of the Palpung Jaling

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In 1990, The late Very Venerable Dabzang Rinpoche made request to H.E. 12th Situ Rinpoche for send the teacher of Jaling from Palpung Monastery, Tibet. As the order of Situ Rinpoche, Lama Tashi Tsewang came from Palpung to Nepal to teach the traditional Palpung Jaling. Since 1990, Karma Palzang and Karma Gyurmey have learnt from him and they are very good to play the Jaling. It was recorded in July 2, 2008 at Karma Lekshey Ling Institute; aiming that, in future it will keep remind who knows to play and good to listen for who don't know to play the Jaling.

Jetsun Choling ... holing.mp3

Thrombu Tashi Lhatsi ... Lhatsi.mp3

Dzog Genma ... 0tsang.mp3

Dzog Sarma ... gsarma.mp3

Gar Gen Ma ... n%20Ma.mp3

Garchen Garlu ... 0Garlu.mp3

Gyallu ... Gyallu.mp3

Jamtsho Lingma ... Lingma.mp3

Acho Lingma ... Lingma.mp3

Tashi Garlu ... 0Garlu.mp3

Dzubtab ... zubtab.mp3

Vajra Guru ... 20Guru.mp3

Jinbeb Tobchu Lingpa ... Lingpa.mp3

Choku kyemed drukpa ... drukpa.mp3

Choku Kyemed Dhunpa ... Dhunpa.mp3

Choku Kyemed chadbud ... hadbud.mp3

Lhakma ... Lhakma.mp3

Tashi ... _Tashi.mp3

Tseringma ... ringma.mp3

Karma Palzang and Karma Gyurmey ... yurmey.jpg

Melodies of the Palpung Jaling ... Jaling.htm

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