Sikkim Pad Yatra Walking Pilgrimage

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Sikkim Pad Yatra Walking Pilgrimage

Postby phantom59 » Sat Jul 31, 2010 6:00 am

What struck us most throughout the journey, besides the incomparable kindness of His Holiness which shined through like an ever-beaming sun, was the warmth of the local villagers. Wherever we went, we were welcome with big smiles, big hugs and a lot of “Julleys” which can mean anything from “Thank You” to “Welcome”. One of the pilgrims said, “Even though I am so upset and tired with the difficulties I have to endure throughout the 10-12 hours walking, the warm greetings from these villages at the end of every journey make me so happy and so encouraged to continue. I thank these villagers for being there to inspire all of us.” ... -shangrila

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