Yamantaka Drubchen with Garchen Rinpoche Mar 31-Apr 6

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Yamantaka Drubchen with Garchen Rinpoche Mar 31-Apr 6

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Event : Yamantaka Drubchen with Garchen Rinpoche
Date : March 31 – April 6, 2011
Venue : Drikung Rinchen Choling
Address : 9534, Las Tunas Drive, Temple City, CA 91780
Website : http://www.rinchencholing.org/index_Event_Current.htm" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

The Yamantaka drubchen, traditionally held near the end of the Tibetan year, is conducted in order to cleanse all obstacles not only for oneself, but for every being in the world. This cleansing is most easily accomplished at this time of the year and helps to decrease suffering and increase peace. The deity practiced in this drubchen is very wrathful and powerful, and thus the practice must be done with great care.

The lamas have asked that all those who aspire to attend the Yamantaka retreat do so with thoughtful consideration, taking care to make the necessary preparations and adhering to some important guidelines throughout the duration of the retreat.
In the past in Tibet this drubchen was only open to those who had taken vows of ordination and who had completed the common preliminary practices as well as the particular preliminary practices of Yamantaka. It is thus asked that those who participate prepare by accumulating refuge and Vajrasattva mantras, taking refuge and purifying one’s mind stream as much as possible prior to the retreat. One of the main prerequisites for participating in the Yamantaka Drubchen is to have accumulated minimum of 100,000 Peaceful Manjushri mantras (OM WAM GI SHWARI MUM). It is preferable if you can accumulate 600,000 mantras. If you have already done this accumulation for a prior Yamantaka Drubchen, it is not necessary to do it again. If you have not done this accumulation, Rinpoche asks that you try to complete it before the drubchen starts. Lama Thubten Nima reminds us that the mantra accumulation should be done in a mindful manner. It is best to do it during sessions dedicated to it and not do it while multi-tasking (e.g., driving, talking).

This drubchen differs in many ways from other drubchens and practices. All who aspire to attend should understand that it is a very rigorous practice conducted around the clock with strict rules of conduct, including not seeing the sky for the duration of the retreat. Everyone must remain in the temple throughout the practice with no coming and going. Once the drubchen has begun, participants do not leave the temple other than for brief restroom usage and three daily meals. Please note that it is not possible to exercise, etc.

If you have not participated in a prior Yamantaka Drubchen at Garchen Institute, you must be vouched for by a member of the sangha with knowledge of the Yamantaka Drubchen who knows you and your practice well and will vouch for your ability to complete the drubchen practice, or by a Garchen Institute lama or a lama known by the Garchen Institute lamas who knows your practice well and will vouch for your ability. Due to the extremely intensive nature of this practice, new participants will be unable to participate without one of these references, and no exceptions can be made. Pl ease note that Garchen Institute staff members may not provide these references.

Because of the drubchen’s very demanding nature, those with any pre-existing health condition that is worsened by stress or by incense smoke should refrain from attending. Please also note that other than teeth brushing and face washing, bathing is not permitted during this retreat. Clothing may be changed if desired. Earplugs and eye shades may be used during your assigned sleep periods.

Read more at :
http://www.rinchencholing.org/Events/TH ... eles_E.pdf" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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