Being Milarepa's student...

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Being Milarepa's student...

Post by Luke » Wed Jun 24, 2009 11:54 pm

Have you ever fantasized about being Milarepa's student? I know I have.

This story tells about Gampopa's experiences while learning from Milarepa. However, it first tells about Gampopa's early life and his efforts to find Milarepa. It's kind of long, but if you like this kind of thing, pour yourself two cups of tea and dig in. :coffee: ... ments.html" onclick=";return false;

The last part is the famous story about Milarepa showing his butt to Gampopa. It's almost like a Zen story:
They came to a bridge and Milarepa said; "Now you go by yourself. Take your leave of me. For auspicious reasons I will not cross the bridge." Then he blessed Gampopa who crossed over. When he had crossed the bridge, Milarepa called him back. "Come back once more, I have a very special teaching to give you. If I do not give you this advice, to whom shall I give it?"

Gampopa asked, "Should I offer a mandala to you for this special teaching and advice?" Milarepa said an offering was not necessary. He cautioned him not to waste the advice, but to put it in the deepest recesses of his heart. Then Milarepa turned his back on Gampopa, lifted up his robe, and showed him his bare bottom. Gampopa saw that Milarepa’s bottom was all calloused, just like hardened leather.

Milarepa said, "For practice there is nothing greater that meditation – provided you know what to meditate on and how to meditate on it. I, who have gained knowledge and understanding of many different meditation methods, meditated until my bottom became as hard as leather. You need to do the same. This is your last teaching."

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