The Togdens of Khampagar yogi center

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The Togdens of Khampagar yogi center

Postby phantom59 » Sun Jul 24, 2011 3:19 pm

The Khampagar yogi center, called “drubde”, literally meaning “community of practitioners”, was originally started by the 4th Khamtrul Rinpoche (1730-1779), whose name was Chokyi Nyima. After the founding the Khampagar Monastery in the Eastern Tibetan area call Lhathok, he started the retreat center. From the very beginning only 13 yogis entered that retreat center, a number that manifested as an auspicious connection. The 4th Khamtrul Chokyi Nyima’s residence was near the place where the retreat center was built, and before starting it he offered a white torma at the place where he intended to build. Afterwards a self-arisen water source manifested there, and when he offered a torma to get rid of the obstructing forces, he asked his monks to erect some rocks at that place. The monks put up 13 rocks, which he perceived as an auspicious link to always have 13 yogis in the retreat center. The amount of water from the source there always remained the same, just enough for 13 people to sustain themselves. The masters Jampal Pawo and Khamtrul Chokyi Nyima were the teachers of these 13 yogis, who were called “togden”, meaning “realized one”.

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