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Song of Devoted Disciples by Bokar Rinpoche

Posted: Wed May 30, 2012 7:44 am
by muni
A Short Song of the Six Similes to Satisfy the Heartfelt Yearning of Devoted Disciples
by Bokar Rinpoche

Fortunate men and women, who have karmic affinity with the Teachings,
You gained a free and fully endowed precious life,
Met an authentic noble spiritual master,
And received vast and deep teachings for spiritual maturity and liberation.
Now exert yourselves in cultivating meditative experience, I beseech you.

Your spiritual master is like the sun in space ­-
When your doubts or wrong views do not cloud him,
His compassionate light shines continuously:
In yearning faith and devotion, pray.

Your pure vision is like an eye ­-
When your pride or critical thoughts do not blind it,
All beings are mines of noble qualities:
Train in universal pure vision, I beseech you.

Your development of the mind of awakening is like a potent seed --
When plans for your own good do not spoil it,
It grows into perfect awakening:
Always meditate on the two aspects of the mind of awakening.

Your self-clinging is like an unseen enemy ­-
When you lose hold of the antidote of mindfulness,
You will never escape the den of suffering:
Therefore, please subdue your own mind.

Your mind's nature is like an endless ocean ­-
When waves of clinging to appearances do not disturb it,
It has a single flavor, the essence of reality:
Dwell without acceptance or rejection, affirmation or denial, I beseech you.

Your mind is like a wish-fulfilling jewel --
When delusion's impurities do not taint it,
It produces all you need and desire:
Always meditate on Great Seal.

At all times -- in this life, the next, and in between -­
The spiritual master's enlightened mind and your mind
Are not separate in your intrinsic awareness.
In natural repose, without distraction or clinging,

Make manifest the primordial body of ultimate enlightenment.