Jetsun Kushok Toronto Program 7-13 June 2013

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Jetsun Kushok Toronto Program 7-13 June 2013

Post by skydancer999 » Sun Apr 21, 2013 3:09 pm

Jetsun Kushok will be in Toronto 7-13 June 2013 to conduct a series of teachings and empowerment. It will be the first time that Jetsun Kushok is in Toronto to bestow teachings and empowerment. Program details are as attached. For registration and further information, please go to the following website:-

Event Contact:
Main program Registration:
Tel: 416 - 225 9888 Fax: 416-225-8181
Add: 77 Steeles Ave East, Toronto, Ontario M2M 3Y4

Thursday Manjushuri Empowerment (13 June 2013)
Separate Location: 16011 Airport Rd, Caledon East ON L7CIE7
Tel: 416-727 5750

H.E. Jetsun Kushog Rinpoche Her Eminence Jetsun Kushok Chimey Luding Rinpoche frequently referred to as Jetsun Kushok or Jetsunma, is the spiritual director of Sakya Tsechen Thubten Ling. She is also the sister of His Holiness Sakya Trizin. Both His Holiness and Jetsun Kushok Rinpoche were taught and guided by leading masters of the Sakya tradition. She started her training at six, began teaching at eleven and became a fully empowered lineage holder at eighteen. In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition altogether Jetsun Kushok Rinpoche is one of only a few female lineage-holders and is one of three known female teachers to have transmitted the precious Lamdre (path and its results) teachings of the Sakya tradition. In 1971, Jetsun Kushok Rinpoche and her family moved to Canada where she worked and cared for her family. At the request of His Holiness she later began to give teachings and nowadays teaches at her Centre in Vancouver and at other centres around the world.

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