uncommon white tara???

lama tsewang
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uncommon white tara???

Postby lama tsewang » Sun Aug 11, 2013 10:44 pm

i have heard that in the sakya order there seem to be two white tara empowerments , an normal one and an uncommon one . is this true?
if so, what is the difference?
Is this what Jetsun Kushok is giving in Vancouver n and that Luding Khen rinpoche gave here before , and what Jetsun Kushok gave in Whistler begfore , with a commentary afterwards by Dzongsar Rinpoche.
Because, I remember when Deshung Rinpoche stayed with us at our three year retreat, the womens side asked him for the uncommon white tara , he was very reluctant to give it , and made them take a very serious commitment before he would give it to them


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Re: uncommon white tara???

Postby TrimePema » Thu Feb 20, 2014 10:28 am

Hi Tsewang,

Maybe you found the answer already... but in case you didnt:
I had the good fortune to attend a White Tara empowerment by HH Sakya Trizin. He gave the uncommon White Tara - there are three parts of the sadhana that make it uncommon. This practice is called 6 rays of light and the uncommon parts have to do with the way you visualize the lights at the end of the wheel and fire etc. HH asked if we had all received a HYT empowerment and about half the people raised their hands, and so he said normally, traditionally, this would not happen, but he will give the empowerment and initiate those who have not received HYT empowerment. He made it clear that we then had to strictly uphold our vows and generate the proper motivation seriously.

Much love!!!
Trime Pema

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Re: uncommon white tara???

Postby TrimePema » Fri Feb 21, 2014 8:14 am

More specifically...
Here are the uncommon parts of the Sakya White Tara sadhana according to HHST (from what I understand the common and uncommon sadhanas are the same except the common one does not include aspects of the following):
- certain specifics of the heart chakra
- transforming the lord of the family
- expanding the protection to all beings and also specific beings
- absorbing all blessings from dharmapalas etc. via Amitayus
- viewing all forms, thoughts, and sounds as White Tara

I hope this is helpful!

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