Lamdré books

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Lamdré books

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I'm looking for a clear spoken book about Lamdré, and especially the tantric part of the three tantras presentation.
I'm reading the three books "Triple Tantra", "Taking the Result as the Path" and "Treasury of Esoteric Instructions".
They are all great, and all have very good presentations. But many times I get lost. Because English isn't my first
language, but also since the language is somewhat scholastic.
I find myself wanting a "Lamdré for dummies" presentation ha ha, just to have something to fall back on when the topics eludes me.

Any good advice about clear books out there? Something that helped you on the way.
Have anyone read the new Sakya related book "Entering the Path of Vajrayana" by Drew-Wills, Edith?

The first time I received Lamdré I was quite confused. Going back to the books available it getting clearer every time
I try to summarize the topics presented, and the practices in all the divisions. I guess I'm trying to get a visual picture
of it in a way.

Thanks a million :bow:
Shūnyatā karuṇa garbham

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