Aspiration to the State of Vajradhara

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Aspiration to the State of Vajradhara

Post by phantom59 » Thu Jul 28, 2011 5:01 pm

May All Beings equal to the bounds of the sky
having attained the accumulations of merit and transcendental knowledge
in this very life be established in the State of Vajradhara

By whatever virtues I Gather throughout the 3 Times
May all sentient beings equal to the sky's limit
becomes vessels of the unsurpassable Great Vehicle
May All of them attain to the State of Vajradhara

So long as Buddhahood is not attained
May I too have good fortune in birth after birth
To Find Places of happiness, noble families
Wholesome ways, worthy friends and a Guru

May I be pure in moral conduct and skilled in learning
Well adorned with perfect purity
Which alone is the cause of the performance of virtuous deeds
And having listened to the Dharma
May I teach it to others

On my head may the Guru be worn as a crown
In my hands may the vajra and bell of method and wisdom be held
For my speech the murmur of the King of Secret Mantras
With my mind May I meditate on the 2 in 1

From now until the essence of enlightenment
May I never be parted from the Guru an the Deity
May the performance of the path be free from obstacles
And for the Dharma may good works be done

May All beings be happy
may all beings be without imperfections
Through the path by which Liberation is won
Quickly May All beings attain Buddhahood

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