Wisdom Of Emptyness

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Wisdom Of Emptyness

Post by Ayu » Thu Jun 06, 2013 7:53 am

For the right understanding of Tantra, the understanding/experience of emptyness is essential. This can be achieved by studying and contemplation/meditation hand in hand. First one examines the emptyness of the self, then this knowledge will be assigned on the other phenomenons. But this is a filigree topic, one cannot achieve the knowledge of emptyness as an opinion, Nagarjuna says. This would be like grabing a poisonous snake at the wrong end.
In German there is the middle version of Lamrim, the Middle Step Way (Tsongkhapa, Cornelia Krause (Übers.): Der mittlere Stufenweg. Diamant-Verlag, 2006, ISBN 3-9810682-3-8) and in there the last two chapters about Shamata and Vipassana give an insight how to find this out about emptyness...
In English there are these three big books, Lamrim Chen Mo. I don't know them, but the topic must be in there even better. Must be the two last chapters...

This site about lamrim includes many mp3's - maybe one can find something interesting: http://lamrim.com/index2.html
I recommend this, the Wisdom Of Emptyness by Tenzin Palmo:
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