Guru Je Tsongkhapa: Aspirations

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Guru Je Tsongkhapa: Aspirations

Post by thornbush » Sat Apr 18, 2009 6:09 pm

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“After I pass away
And My pure doctrine is absent,
You will appear as an ordinary being,
Performing the deeds of a Buddha
And establishing the Joyful Land, the Great Protector,
In the Land of the Snows.”
(Buddha Sakyamuni, spoke of his coming as an emanation of the Bodhisattva Manjusri in the short verse from the 'Root Tantra of Manjushri')" onclick=";return false;

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''At a time when nearly all in this Northern Land
Were living in utter contradiction to Dharma,
Without illusion, O Tsong Khapa, you polished the teachings.
Hence I sing this praise to you of Ganden Mountain.''

''When the teachings of the Sakya, Kagyu, Kadam
And Nyingma sects in Tibet were declining,
You, O Tsong Khapa, revived Buddha's doctrine,
Hence I sing this praise to you of Ganden Mountain.''

''In merely a few years you filled
The land from China to India
With peerless holders of the saffron robes.
Hence I sing this praise to you of Ganden Mountain.''

''In person and in dreams you come to those
Who but once recollect your image.
Tsong Khapa, who watches with compassionate eyes
I sing this praise to you of Ganden Mountain.''

''Manifesting sublime austerity and discipline,
The form and fragrance of your life were incomparable.
O Tsong Khapa, controlled one pleasing to the buddhas,
I sing this praise to you of Ganden Mountain.''

By the strength of the sons of your lineage
And by my having faithfully offered this praise,
May the enlightened activity of Buddha Shakyamuni
Pervade the earth for ages to come"
(The 8th Karmapa, Gyalwa Mikyö Dorje, wrote in his poem 'In Praise of the Incomparable Tsong Khapa')" onclick=";return false;

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You are Avalokiteshvara, great treasure of compassion,
Not aimed at true existence,
And Manjushri, master of flawless wisdom.
As well as Vajrapani, destroyer of hordes of demons without exception.
O Tsong Khapa, crown jewel of the sages of the Land of Snows,
Losang Dragpa, I make requests at your feet.

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Dear, Worthy Root Guru,
please ascend the lotus seat atop the head of myself and
the other beings, and in your great kindness, please remain with us.
Bestow upon us the blessings of your body, speech, and mind.

Precious, noble root Guru,
please occupy the lotus seat atop the head of myself and
the other beings, and in your great kindness remain with us.
Please grant us your blessings for our temporal success and for the supreme attainment.

Beloved, noble root Guru,
please occupy the lotus seat within our hearts,
and in your great kindness remain with us.
Please stay until we achieve the great goal of enlightenment.

Image ... iddle.html" onclick=";return false;
(1) May the boundless prayers I have offered with a pure, extraordinary wish be able to free countless beings from cyclic existence be fulfilled as true words by the might of the non-deceptive Three Jewels of Refuge and the powerful sagely masters.
(2) In all my lives, one after the next, may I never be born in any rebirth state in which I have reverted to being a miserable creature in an unfortunate realm. But rather, may I always attain a human body with complete liberty and endowments for Dharma study and practice.
(3) From the moment I am born, may I never be attached to worldly pleasures. But rather, in order to attain Liberation, may I, by my thoughts of renunciation, involve myself with unrelenting joyous effort in seeking to live a pure moral life.
(4) In order that I might take robes, may none of my circle or possessions cause me any interference. But rather, may all favourable conditions come about as I have wished.
(5) Once I am ordained, then as long as I live may I never be stained by the fault of committing any proscribed or naturally unspeakable negative actions just as I promised before the eyes of my Abbot and Spiritual Master.
(6) By relying on pure moral conduct, may I, for the sake of all my mothers, be able to actualize over countless eons, with the myriad difficulties involved, every profound and vast Mahayana Teaching that exists.
(7) May I be continually cared for by a holy Spiritual Master whose mind-stream abounds with good qualities of scriptural knowledge and insight, whose senses are calmed, who has self-control, a heart of loving-compassion and the courage of mind to accomplish undauntedly the purposes of others.
(8) Just as Sadaprarudita devoted himself to Dharmodgata, may I also totally please my holy Spiritual Master unpretentiously with my body, life and all my possessions, thereby never causing him displeasure for even a moment.
(9) May the meaning of Perfected Discriminating Awareness in all its profundity, stilled of extremes and devoid of mentally fabricated modes of existence, be shown to me always as it was taught to Dadaprarudita, unpolluted by the fouling waters of distorted conceptions.
(10) May I never fall under the influence of misleading friends or wrong-minded Gurus who are teachers of either nihilist or eternalist views which transgress the meaning of what Sage Buddha intended.

(11) By securing myself to the boat of listening to teachings, thinking about and meditating upon them, and by flying the mainsail of a pure, extraordinary wish, being propelled by the wind of unrelenting joyous effort, may I free all beings from the ocean of cyclic existence.
(12) However much I might improve my mind by listening to teachings, being especially generous, keeping pure moral discipline and developing analytical discriminating awareness, may I be free to the same extent from all consequent feelings of haughty conceit.
(13) Without being quenched, may I hear endless teachings on Buddha’s scriptural pronouncements close at the side of a learned master who opens up the exact meaning of these texts by relying on nothing but the force of pure logic.
(14) Having analyzed fully and correctly with the four types of reasoning, day and night, the meaning of the teachings I have heard, may I cut off all doubts with the critical awareness I have gained from having thought about the points to be contemplated.
(15) When, through an awareness that has come from having thought about the extremely profound ways of the teachings, I have found certain conviction in what they actually mean, may I devote myself to solitude with the joyous effort that severs all entanglements with this life and thereby actualize the insights with proper meditation.
(16) When, by having listened to the teachings, thought about and meditated upon them, I have developed on my mind-stream the insights of the essential points of the Victorious Buddha’s intentions, may I never have any attitudes arise of longing for my own happiness or for the appearances of this lifetime which would just cause me attachment to worldly existence.
(17) When, with an attitude of detachment from all objects of wealth, I have overcome miserliness, may I first gather beings into my circle by material generosity and then satisfy them completely by teaching the Dharma.
(18) Having thought well about renunciation, may I always uphold the victory banner of Liberation for which I would never forsake until my attainment of Enlightenment even the most minor moral training I have assumed, though my life be at stake.
(19) Whenever I see, hear or recall any beings who would beat, tease or humiliate me, may I be free of anger and in response address myself to their good qualities and thus meditate on patience.
(20) Having completely abandoned the three types of laziness that prevent me from gaining virtues not yet attained and from improving further upon those that I have, I exert joyous effort in virtuous practices.

(21) Having forsaken the mental quiescent states that would practically propel me into cyclic rebirth by their missing the power of penetrative insight to deflate the extreme of worldly existence and their lacking the moisture of compassion to soften away the extreme of tranquil passivity, may I meditate instead on a joint achievement of all three.
(22) Having fully abandoned the endless variety of wrong, distorted views which take as supreme a partial idea of Voidness which the mind has made up from having become frightened at the true meaning of the profound nature of reality, may I gain the insight that all phenomena are primordially void of inherent, findable existence.
(23) May I yoke to the flawless rules of discipline those monks who with a inconsiderate attitude discard the pure moral trainings, never fearing the actions despised by the holy and who, in breaking their precepts, are in fact trainees in virtue in outward appearance alone.
(24) May I quickly and easily lead to the path praised by the Victorious Buddhas anyone who has missed the right path and is on a distorted, wrong trail, having come under the influence of a wrong-minded Guru or a misleading friend.
(25) When I have captivated the bold masses of foxes of misinformed speech with my lion-like roar of correct explanation, debate and written exposition, may I then care for them with whatever means might be skilled for their taming and thus uphold the victory banner of the undeclined teachings.
(26) Each time I am born and can drink of the nectar of the Sage Buddha’s words, may I be endowed with a good family, body, wealth, power and wisdom, a long life, no sickness and great happiness so that I might be best equipped to help others.
(27) Toward those who continually harbour thoughts of harming my body, life or possessions and also towards those who speak unpleasantly to me, may I especially develop love as if I were their mother.
(28) By developing on my mind-stream a pure, extraordinary wish and an Enlightened Motive of Bodhicitta through meditating on cherishing others more than myself, may I thereby confer on those who would harm me the peerless attainment of Enlightenment without any delay.
(29) May everyone who sees, hears or recalls these prayers be undaunted in realizing the aim of all the great waves of Bodhisattvas’ prayers that they become enlightened.
(30) By the force of offering these extensive prayers which have come into being by the power of my pure, extraordinary wish, may I fully complete the perfection of prayer and thereby fulfill the hopes of all living beings." onclick=";return false;

Om Ah Guru Vajradhara Sumati Kirti Hum
Om Ah Guru Benzadhara Sumati Kirti Siddhi Hung
The Mitgsema:" onclick=";return false;

Om Amitabha Hrih!

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Re: Guru Je Tsongkhapa: Aspirations

Post by Heruka » Sat Apr 18, 2009 8:08 pm

Hello Thornbush, is there some reason why the first lama Tsong Kha pa statue is so big?
Mabye a depth perception issue with photo, but...
Whats the idea behind that? does that mean it becomes more important than say, Shakyamuni Buddha in that temple?

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Re: Guru Je Tsongkhapa: Aspirations

Post by thornbush » Sun Apr 19, 2009 2:18 am

It was a shrine to Je Tsongkhapa, converted out of a former Imperial palace complex, in Beijing as seen here: ... &issue=012" onclick=";return false;
Another princely mansion converted into a Tibetan Buddhist temple is rarely visited by tourists, even though it is proximate to the Forbidden City itself. Known as Pudu Temple, it is far less celebrated than the Yonghe Gong, which eventually became the residence in Beijing of the Panchen Lama and a shrine to Tsongkhapa, founder of the Gelug-pa school to which both the Panchen and Dalai Lamas belonged. Pudu Temple was dedicated to the worship of Mahakala, a Tibetan deity first raised to prominence in the pantheon by the Mongols and also popular with the Manchus.
As to why the Sakyamuni Buddha thingy, you may have to consult that temple's management. :popcorn:

Om Amitabha Hrih!

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