Amitayus Long Life Prayer

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Amitayus Long Life Prayer

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Benefits of reciting the Amitayus Long Dharani It’s very good for people who have cancer, and for the success of activities and projects. It also help if a business has difficulties, or is difficult to start, if you have difficulty finding a job, or the job is not going well.It is not particularly only for mundane success but generally to collect merit for realizations, conditions for Dharma practice. Then you can dedicate the merits to all sentient beings. This is one solution for success and long life. Also, when you die you will get born in Amitabha’s pure land.

Amitayus Long Dharani ... harani.mp3" onclick=";return false;

Om Namo Bhagavate
Aparamita Ayu Jnyana Suvinishcita
Tejo Rajaya
Tathagataya Arhate Samyaksambuddhaya
Tadyatha Om
Punye Punye Maha Punye Aparamita Punye Aparamita Punye
Jhynna Sambharaupacite
Om Sarva Samskara Pari Shuddha Dharmate
Gagana Samudgate
Svabhava Vishuddhe
Mahanaya Parivare Svaha

Om Homage to the Transcendent/Fully Endowed/Destroyer
Boundless.Life. Transcendental Wisdom. Totally certain
Light. King.
Gone to Suchness. Arhat. Perfectly Enlightened Buddha.
Thus it is said. Om.
Fortune Fortune Great Fortune Boundless Fortune Boundless Fortune
Transcendental wisdom collection increaser
Om. All Compositional factors. thoroughly pure. Reality
Space. Arisen
Nature, completely pure,
Surrounded by great leaders
So be it

OM namo bhagavate apAramita Ayu jNYAna suVinishcita tejo rAjAya tathAgatAya arhate samyaksaMbuddhAya tadyathA oM puNye puNye mahA puNye apAramita puNye apAramita puNye jNYAna sambhArAUpacite Om saRva saMskAra pari shuddha dharmate gagana samudgate svabhAva vishuddhe mahAnaya parivAre svAhA.

Om Homage to the Transcendent Fully Endowed Destroyer Boundless Life Transcendental wisdom Totally certain Light King Gone to suchness Arhat Perfectly enlightened Buddha Thus it is said Om Fortune Fortune Great Fortune Boundless Fortune Boundless Fortune Transcendental Wisdom Collection Increaser Om All compositional factors thoroughly pure Reality Space Arisen Nature Completely Pure Surround by great leaders So be it

This translation, checking of sanskrit spelling, and audio recording was done by Gelong Thubten Kunkhyab Gyaltsen,Yeshe Gyatso, with guidance from the kind Gelong Thubten Tshultrim, George Churinoff

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