Argument Support Request?

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Argument Support Request?

Post by Tenma » Tue Mar 20, 2018 11:52 pm

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Okay, so I unfortunately got myself in an argument on the chat of a "Rinpoche's" website that supports a gyalpo after reading a post on the spirit's origins that was very unpleasant with Bön. Unfortunately, I may need help in
1. Explaining why this spirit is bad(especially with silly claims like the 16th Karmapa supporting the spirit)
2. Defending Bön and perhaps Dzogchen(espcially with their claim that Namkhai Norbu got cancer from trying to destroy the spirit with Vajrakilaya)
3. Historical
I'm sorry if this wastes your time in anyway, but would anyone be willing to argue against these cult members for their sake(and for Dzogchen)? Please? Sorry in advance.


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