Generating the Bodhimind by Lochen Tulku

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Generating the Bodhimind by Lochen Tulku

Post by phantom59 » Tue Feb 08, 2011 2:39 pm

When you have generated the Bodhimind, the activities or whatever you do this is
influenced by the Bodhimind that all becomes the cause for enlightenment. Since all the merits that we earn, all the virtuous actions that we accumulate may not necessary become the cause for enlightenment as I mentioned mostly they are not going to be the cause for enlightenment.

But once the Bodhimind is with you, your activities are influenced by this mind and by the power of this mind all the merits you earn from that moment become the cause for enlightenment. That means, once the merits becomes the cause for enlightenment then you can enjoy the results and enjoy the fruits till you get enlightenment.

Because we might have accumulated a lot of merits but then once they give the good results then they are exhausted no more results will be there.
But if your merits are influenced by the Bodhimind then that can never end till
enlightenment. Therefore, it is a powerful instrument to accumulate merits.

Read more at : ... icitta.pdf" onclick=";return false;

Rev. T. K. Lochen Tulku is the 19th reincarnation of the Great Translator Rinchen Zangpo (year 958 - 1055) of Tibet, - one of the greatest scholars and artists of the century. Rinchen Zangpo is believed to be an emanation of Buddha Shakyamuni. The Buddha stated that he will come to Himalayas in the future at a certain place "who will be a bird-faced monk, an emanation of the Muni named with Ratna" (Rinchen / precious).

Rinchen Zangpo translated over hundred-text books of Buddha's doctrine from Sanskrit to Tibetan including the 16 volumes of Prajana Pramita tantra and many more.During the 10th century, he was a great temple builder. He built 108 temples throughout the Himalayan region including Western Tibet. It is said that he built all these temples overnight through his miracle power. However, we still have remaining temples in India Himalayan region, such as in Ladhak, Spiti and Kinnaur. These temples are well known to the world because of their fine art and architecture work.

Present Rev. T. K. Lochen Tulku Rinpoche was born in Kinnaur Dist. of Himachal State in Northern India and is honored as a Scholar, a Master of Buddhist Philosophy and in Tantrayana Buddhism since 1985. He received an intensive and large number of instructions on both Sutra and Tantra from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, his two tutors and most respected and practiced master His Eminence Lati Rinpoche.

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