The Empowerment/Practice Transmission

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Arthur Drumond
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The Empowerment/Practice Transmission

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Hello Everyone!!!
I just would like to ask you guys about recorded transmissions and empowerments. I often go to my Dharma Center to watch my guru teachings and instructions, but recently ( before the quarentine) I've missed one transmission about Ganden Lha Gyema, Je Tsongkhapa Guru Yoga. My center uses to record all sessions and post it on YouTube. There comes my doubt: Are recorded transmissions valid? I know Guru Yoga is a Lam Rim practice and doesn't require a formal initiation ( As far as I know) but I'm really confused.

Thanks and May all be aspicious!
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Re: The Empowerment/Practice Transmission

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I think it differs by teacher. I would recommend asking your teacher. My personal opinion is that for someone with some Dharma experience, videos of teachings are fine, but empowerments and transmissions should be live---ideally, in real space, but video streaming can work.

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