Benefits of Seeing the Mandala of Yamantaka

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Benefits of Seeing the Mandala of Yamantaka

Post by phantom59 » Tue Aug 30, 2011 9:17 am

In Vajrayana Buddhism, Vajrabhairava, also known as Yamantaka, is a wrathful, buffalo-headed meditational deity of the Highest Yoga Tantra class. Vajrabhairava is one of the principle three meditational deities of the Gelug school (the other are Chakrasamvara and Guhyasamaja). Vajrabhairava is wrathful manifestation of Manjushri, the Buddha of wisdom.

Making a mandala or contributing towards the making of one provides the means by which all past, present and future sentient beings will be able to create merits. The benefits from contributing to the mandala will continue to exist as long as the mandala exists.
Contributing to a mandala creates the cause to achieve the pureland of the deity in the future.

Making offerings to the Triple Gem creates infinite merit, so one will definitely experience the result. Maybe not right now, but definitely in the future. If the offering is made with strong faith, you get closer to the deity and achieve the deity in your own mind. In order to hear something pure, and to meet very qualified pure beings, we need merit, good karma, much merit. Those who have merit will obtain great benefits. We need to develop the mind in the path in order to help others, and so we need a lot of positive merit

On top of that, by just seeing the holy object such as a stupa, a prayerwheel, mandala, statues etc would accumulate much merits from contact with them even without understanding the meaning of the object. Hence, the benefits of constructing the three dimensional Yamantaka Mandala in LDC will be infinite.

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Nearly fourteen years has passed since Losang Dragpa Center started. Three
professional Malaysian Ms.Yeo Puay Huei, Ms.Ng Jun Mei and Mr.Pek Chee Hen met
at a month-long retreat at Kopan Monastery in Nepal. Inspired by the truth and
relevance of the Buddha's teachings, Ms.Yeo, ex-senior legal advisor of Hong
Kong and ShangHai Bank [currently works in Hong Leong Bank], Ms.Jun Mei, a long
time Buddhist scholar and teacher in local Buddhist circle, Mr.Pek, electrical
engineer of an upgraded company in town, approached the source of the
inspiration, Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche, to start a study group under His

On 16th March 1995, begin with a small group of people, the Center opened its
doors at the resident of Ms.Yeo in Ampang Indah. Rinpoche graced it with the
name Losang Dragpa Centre, the Dharma name of the great Je Tsongkhapa. The
Realized Being and founder of the Gelug tradition. Losang Dragpa was known for
the clarity of his teachings, the importance he placed on developing compassion
and wisdom, and living a pure life - qualities aligned with the Centre's

Identifying a director who has most affinity with the Center and its people,
capable in developing the Center and bring Dharma to others, assisting the
community spiritually and financially, Ms.Yeo was chosen by Rinpoche to be the
first director of Losang Dragpa Center.

As time goes by, holding activities and living in the leased house was always
inconvenient, Ms.Yeo put in effort to purchased a semi-bunglow house at Ampang
Jaya, taking on the full responsibility to pay the mortgage single handedly.
Attending office hour in day time, and running the Center upon returning home
from the tiring day, it was by no mean a big time for Ms.Yeo, yet without a
single complaint she whole heartedly support the Center. Together with the help
of Mr.Pek (while Ms.Ng Jun Mei was furthering her Buddhist study in North India,
Varanasi University) being the spiritual program coordinator, the Center was
able to start with doing monthly puja, and invited visiting Geshe and western
sangha to give teaching, even friends of our sister Center in Singapore would
traveled to KL to assist us in doing prayer in a proper manner. Meanwhile upon
the advice of Rinpoche, LDC started its first community service name Hospice
Under the Care of Medicine Buddha.

The wish to deepen the understanding of Buddhist knowledge together with the
wish to share with other the profound teaching of the Buddha, Ms.Yeo make the
first request to Rinpoche to send a resident teacher to LDC. Planning and
preparation took a long way before they achieved the goal. On October 1998,
finally LDC has its first resident teacher arrived! Geshe Kelsang Gyatso from
Samlo Khangtsen of Sera Jhe Monastery in South India together with his attendant
Ven.Ngawang Jangchup has decided to took on Rinpoche's advice to come to teach
at LDC for 3 years.

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