Kim Myo Seon, Japan's First Korean Head Priest

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Kim Myo Seon, Japan's First Korean Head Priest

Post by plwk » Mon May 27, 2013 2:38 am

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Japan, a land of Buddhism, where three-quarters of the population is Buddhist.
In the Tokushima Prefecture in Shikoku, one of the four major islands, several thousand temples can be found. Among them are the 88 temples that make up the pilgrimage course.
Among these, Dainichiji Temple, which is number 13, has a history of 1-thousand-200 years. Each year, up to half a million pilgrims make their way to the Dainichiji Temple.
The person in charge of this temple is Kim Myo-seon, a Korean. Among her tasks, one is to keep record of the pilgrims.
Once a renowned Korean traditional dancer, her life changed since she married her husband, the late Koie Oguri. She married at 40, and gave birth to a son at the age of 42.
However, her husband passed away at the age of 68, leaving behind Kim Myo-seon and her infant son.

According to Japanese Buddhist tradition, which allows the inheriting of temples, she decided to take charge of the Dainichiji Temple until her son came of age. A typical morning at the Dainichiji Temple, which is crowded with visitors despite the early hour. An official ceremony to recognize Kim Myo-seon has been planned. Until now, she has endured much discrimination as a woman and as a foreigner.The devotees of the Dainichiji Temple have prepared this event for Kim Myo-seon, to encourage her in her struggle.
And the Japanese media have also faithfully reported efforts to start anew in a foreign land. As a result, she has received much publicity.

Kim Myo-seon is hereby appointed the 16th Head Priest of Dainichiji Temple. She is reborn as both a priest and the guardian of Dainichiji Temple.
Kim Myo-seon's success was possible through the support and love of those who believed in her. Kim Myo-seon, Japan's first Korean Head Priest.
Perhaps this is her destiny. From the moment she first started dancing the traditional Buddhist dances, the forces of nature may have conspired to bring her here
A Korean in Japan? Where both nations are said to be traditional enemies since antiquity for various reasons?
A woman & religious head on top of that?
Truly applaudable! :applause:

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