Visiting Wutaishan

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Visiting Wutaishan

Post by Alfredo » Thu May 01, 2014 11:57 am

The Mrs. is thinking that maybe we should go to Shanxi this year, and one of the main things to see there is Wutaishan. Can anyone offer suggestions for visiting?

For example, most tourists apparently visit all five peaks in one day, on a minibus. This sounds awful, and I wish that we could hike it instead. Is this feasible? Is there a trail connecting all five peaks, or would we have to climb each one separately, returning to town each time? How much time would it take? Can one stay overnight in the temples up there? (I am afraid my wife may well prefer to take the minibus, cable-car, or horse up.) I should mention that we are especially interested in the Tibeto-Mongolian temples, and I would hate to miss any of those.

The town itself sounds like the usual cacophany of Chinese tour buses etc., and I doubt that it is possible to escape to tourist-trap aspect (but please let me know if you have ideas). I suppose a day would be enough for the town itself. That sound about right?

There are several other sights in Shanxi which she is interested in, and travel time between them is a factor.

I am aware of that new hardback coffee table photo book on Wutaishan that just came out.
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Re: Visiting Wutaishan

Post by Aemilius » Fri May 16, 2014 9:13 am

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