How did the originally pure nature become defiled?

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Re: How did the originally pure nature become defiled?

Post by Coëmgenu » Mon Jan 08, 2018 1:24 pm

You can basically also look at it like this, but I think the there is still a translation failure on the part of who originally rendered the passage into English.

Extended above are the mysterious [blueprints], and arrayed below lie the courts of darkness. The primordial [spirit] is contained within the great [blueprints], and the great [blueprints] lie concealed in the formless as the [divine governing principle or divine will] of sentient things. Within the [divine governing principle or divine will] are spirits, and within the spirits are bodies.

No action, yet change and transformation—each endowed with spontaneity. Subtly there arise [essences] and functions, and gradually there develop forms and names. Forms emerge from that which has no substance, and names arise from that which has no name. As forms and names multiply, the roaming [spirits] confuse what was pure.

In reverence for the root gnosis of the heart, the dharmakāya,
for the ever present good law of the heart, the lotus terrace,
for the inborn adornment of the trikāya, the thirty-seven sages dwelling in the heart,
for the that which is removed from seed and fruit, the upright key to the universal gate,
for all boundless concentrations, the sea of virtue, the root perfection,
I prostrate, bowing to the hearts of all Buddhas.

胎藏金剛菩提心義略問答鈔, Treatise on the teaching of the gnostic heart of the womb and the diamond, T2397.1.470c5-8

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