Zhōnglùn/中論/Madhyamakaśāstra in English

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Zhōnglùn/中論/Madhyamakaśāstra in English

Post by Coëmgenu » Sun Jan 28, 2018 3:03 am

A seminal Chinese recension of the Venerable Nāgārjuna's Madhyamaka masterwork. This recension is foundational and traditional for much of East Asian Madhyamak. Available for-free, translated in two volumes by B.C. Bocking


This may be a valuable resource to those interested in the Móhēzhǐguān study thread.
The Lord dwelt at the Vulture Peak with the assembly and plucked a flower as a teaching. The myriad totality were silent, save for Kāśyapa, whose face cracked in a faint smile. The Lord spoke.
I have the treasure of the true dharma eye, I have nirvāṇa as wondrous citta, I know signless dharmatā, the subtle dharma-gate, which is not standing on written word, which is external to scriptures, which is a special dispensation, which is entrusted to Mahākāśyapa.


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Re: Zhōnglùn/中論/Madhyamakaśāstra in English

Post by Javierfv1212 » Sat Feb 03, 2018 6:53 pm

Woah, nice! I did not know this was available. Thanks
It is quite impossible to find the Buddha anywhere other than in one's own mind.

Amid those who are self-constrained, the Stable One would not posit as categorically true or false
anything seen, heard, or sensed, clung to and considered truth by others.
Since they have already seen this dart to which people cling and adhere,
saying “I know, I see, it is just so,”
the Tathāgatas cling to nothing.
-Kalaka sutta

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