Experiences with daimoku

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Experiences with daimoku

Post by dyanaprajna2011 » Sat Apr 20, 2013 4:43 am

I thought it would be interesting to see what people have experienced or gained through the practice of chanting daimoku. So post your stories here.

Personally, I have gained energy, especially while at work (I work third shift on an assembly line, so it helps a great deal), I have lessened greatly my usage of inappropriate language, it helped me to quit drinking, and has even given me a little insight into the interdependence of all things. It's also helped me to get a better hold of my anger and temper.
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Re: Experiences with daimoku

Post by Myoho-Nameless » Sat Apr 20, 2013 8:52 pm

I can say I am better off generally speaking since I took up this practice. More recently I have had to change my sleeping habits, I am not a teen but still, having to wake up at 5 am seemed a living hell to me, moving my precious time around to do the very topic of this thread, chant. But I can actually wake and chant now, first thing. No big deal? to me it is. And actually getting ready for sleepy time at 8 or 9 when my video games beckon. Im a lazy guy, that little dose of discipline is a huge deal to me. It came more from the organization of time devoted to chanting, rather than the chanting itself, but I feel like that is a part of the process.

Something bad may happen to my family (or not, I dislike not knowing) these days, I don't want to say what, but as a guy prone to anxiety, that too is not as big a deal as it would be before I chanted. I eat better, exercise more, and am less antisocial and have less of a lame personality, more willing to say things when normally I would not, when I needed to or when I should. I appreciate nature more and developing and interest in gardening.

I am still marred by bad habits of mind that I developed in my childhood, teens, and the past few years, but slowly I can actually be more optimistic.
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