Nichiren's interpretation of the Pure Land

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Re: Nichiren's interpretation of the Pure Land

Post by Minobu » Thu Jan 26, 2017 8:40 pm

Tatsuo wrote:I just found an article explaining Nichiren's teachings on the Pure Land and the context of the prevalent Pure Land teachings to which Nichiren responded.
so i read the article and enjoyed it..

what i get from it is this.

Nichiren Shonin was big on this world we live in can be transformed into the Pure land for the individual, no need to condemn it as Nembutsu do.

Then due to the popularity in his time about pure lands and death bed practices and the promise of such He would sort of console believers with the pure land promise to ease their grief.
He did this in numerous letters to people like Abutsu-bo and Shingo Kingo and the people who donated the Taisekiji lands.

Also the article says where as He thought it beneficial to chant Namu Myoho Renge Kyo on the deathbed , He did not see it as criterion.

Oddly enough the last thing ,as witnessed by my mother and a member of the Gakki, me old man did was chant on his deathbed.

Unfortunately , and this has caused me sadness and learning at the same time mum did not , in fact we recited the lord's prayer and few hail mary's...

the learning part is part and parcel to the keeping of your faith and trying to soldier on during periods of doubts....but then again it wasn't so much doubts , looking back for me, but the whole split and rumble that ensued...

which led me to learn about Tibetan and other forms of Buddhism , which have proved invaluable for me seeing the Truth In Nichiren Shonin's adamant view of what in this degenerative time The Lotus Sutra is for , which we all know the drill.

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