Nichiren and Shingon on Shinto Kami

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Nichiren and Shingon on Shinto Kami

Post by TheSpirit » Wed Nov 06, 2013 7:30 pm

I actually don't know where or not I wanted to post in Shingon or Nichiren forum for this.

I know there is a lot of syncretism between Shinto and Buddhism when Buddhism was first introduced to Japan. I also know because of this syncretism Nyorai are sometimes view as Kami and Kami are viewd as emanation of Nyorai and Bosatsu.

My question is how are the Shinto Kami viewed in Nichiren or Shingon in present-day practice, are they one of the deities that Nichiren or Shingon venerate? I came across a Nichiren Gohonzon with Amaterasu Okami and Hachiman on it along with other bosatsu and nyorai so this is why I want to know out of curiosity.

If they are one of the deities venerated, are they just a deity or are they emanation of Nyorai and Bosatsu?

Thank you
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